The legend of the Micromorphs Edit

Kindness and Rex finally got of their ride across Crescent Bay Rex: Ok, we are here!

The Mother Kraken stopped on the island in the center of Crescent Bay.

Kindness: What is this island called?

Rex: Micromorph Island.

Inola: Why is it called Micromorph Island?

Rex: That is why we are here! Anyone who comes to this island never returns and I would like to find out why.

Kindness: So then why are we here?

Rex: I want to find out what a Micromorph is.

Kindness: (flaps other side of Rex's face) Are you INSANE!?!?!?! Although, I would like to find out more about the species.

Three hours later toward the center of the island.


Rex: I suppose we should stop for the night.

After building a fire.

Kindness: What do you think the micromorphs will do if they see us? I mean if there are any. Like there is.

Rex: Well hopefully nothing will happen to us, but if they are hostile we have like 9 or 10 Skylanders to protect us.

Kindness: But it's like..*looks at watch* Wait, I don't have a watch. *sends out TimeTicker* 9:35 PM. We'll be asleep.

Inola puts out the fire.


Inola: Look at the forest and you'll see.

All the forest around them starts to glow with bioluminescent.

Inola: (Grabs Rex's arm) Isn't it beutiful Rex.

Rex: (Blushes) Ummm.......Yes.

Kindness: (looks at self in take-along-mirror) Yes....It IS beautiful!!!!

Rex and Inola:.......

Kindness: (flips golden hair and looks back) Hmm? Oh, sorry! (looks at forest) Ooooooh. Aaaaaah.


Triaxe Primal: What was that?

Kindness: It came from that direction! Please don't be chinese fireworks...please.

Just the the whole forest floor is moving with light and darkness at the same time.

Gummy: What is it!?!

Triaxe Primal: I don't know but whatever it is it doesn't look friendly.

Just then the creatures revealed themselves.

Kindness: WHAT ARE THEY!?!?!?!

Rex: I Think There Micromorphs!

Just then the whole forest turned dark.

Rex: uhhhhh...........wh.....what happened? Why can't I move, and why are we in a cave?

Sunki-Cocheta-Basilia: Good now that your all awake welcome to my castle.

Kindness: This is a horrible..... you really need a renavator!

Sunki-Cocheta-Basilia: Is that an INSULT to MY HOME!?!?!

Kindness: Have you SEEN this place? Faboulosity first. I'll clean it up, this is where my generosity comes in.

Sunki-Cocheta-Basilia: SILENCE.

Kindness: WHAT!?!?! You DARE silence me? You know, I won the beauty padgent when I was 5! I'm basically a princess, right Inola? (tries to break free)

Inola: uhhhhh.........

Cocheta grabs Inola and Rex.

Inola: Wha......What are you doing!?!?!?!

Chocheta: HAHAHAHAHA.......... this

Chocheta swallows Inola and Rex whole

Chocheta: mmmmm........Delicious.

Kindness: HEY! (rattles in chains)

All chains break into peices

Kindness: Huh?

Mantis & Triaxe Primal cut off chains

Kindness: Alright! Now, when you spit out my friends, let me know. So I can slay you.

Cocheta: Actully. I have a surprise for you. MICROMORPH MINIONS. ATTAAAAAAAAACK!

Kindness: (runs to Rex's chains) There it is. (unzips bags, grabs all Skylanders)

Kindness: (opens purse and takes out Skylanders) NOW SKYLANDERS, FIGHT UNTIL YOU CANNOT STOP FIGHTING! Or until my Curfew is due, I gotta be home by 10. WHICH EVER COMES FIRST!