Oh, look what I found on my grandma's computer. A story I made in 2011 on Microsoft Word, yay!!!!!! This is too deep to be forgotten. Also, I made this when I was a Skylanders hater, so the "ugly dragon" is supposed to be the Skylanders Spyro.

One day Billy Bob woke up because he heard screaming. Billy rushed outside his house to see what was going on. He saw Curly and his chicken friends being carried away by a big, red dragon. Billy rushed over and got his balloons and flew and followed the dragon. Billy found a strange place. Billy landed on the ground and he walked to where the dragon went. And then he bumped into a horse, it was yellow and had wings.

"Oh, I’m so sorry!!!!!!" Billy said.

"It’s ok," said the horse. "I’m a pony, and you look like one of those chickens in the chicken coop," said the pony.

"That’s because I am," said Billy. "My name is Billy Bob," said Billy.

"My name is Fluttershy. Why are you here??" said Fluttershy,.

"Because there was a big dragon who took away my friends and took them to that big cave over there," Billy said as he pointed at the cave.

"I can help you get your friends back if you want," said Fluttershy.

"Ok, I could use lots of help," said Billy.

"Ok, let’s go" said Fluttershy. Billy Bob and Fluttershy went to the cave and heard loud snoring. Billy Bob hopped on top of Fluttershy and she flew Billy up to the top of the mountain. But then, the dragon’s snoring was so loud that rocks started falling all over the place and hit Billy and Fluttershy. They both fell down to the bottom of the mountain.

“Are you ok?” said Billy.

”I’m ok, but I broke my wing,” said Fluttershy.

“We have to climb up the mountain now,” said Billy. Billy Bob and Fluttershy slowly walked up the mountain.

“I’m so tired,” said Billy.

“Me too, but don’t worry. We are almost there,” said Fluttershy.

Billy Bob and Fluttershy had been in the mountain for 2 hours now.

“Look! Over there! It’s a fox!” Said Billy,

“Hello,” said the fox“.

“What’s your name?” said Billy.

“My name is Tails. I can fly and I can help you up the mountain if you want”. Tails grabbed on to Fluttershy and Billy. Fluttershy was being carried by Tails while Billy was hanging on to her foot. The 3 flew up to the very top . When they were at the very top they saw a purple dragon. They landed on the ground and went to the dragon.

“I know he’s here I know it!” said the purple dragon.

“Who’s there?” said Billy. “The faker the guy who looks like me except very ugly,” said the purple dragon.

“What’s your name?” said Billy.

“My name is Spyro” Said Spyro.

“We are looking for a dragon who took Billy’s friends away,” Said Fluttershy.

“I’m looking for a dragon too he must be in here” Billy Bob Fluttershy Tails and Spyro went into the big cave and they saw a little dragon it was purple like Spyro except he was very ugly.

“Roar rahhh” Said the purple beast

“Look there’s my friends!!” said Billy. Billy ran over to the cage where his friends were. While Billy was freeing his friends Spyro was fighting the ugly dragon.

Billy freed his friends and they all ran out of the cave and Fluttershys wing was healed so Spyro Fluttershy and Tails grabbed on to Billy’s friends and flew off to Billybob land.

and then billey bob and his freinds flew 2 tutlur island and then der was an ERTHQUAKE soh den billey bob went 2 da erthqyake sheltur n 1 turtel sed "but they gave us eyedrops" and then sparky came wit a buynh uf othr people dey r

  1. spyro
  2. ===taiylz===
  • ​rayman

and den a wormhoel frum earth opend up and miku kaem and she sed "WEHR IZ MY LUV SUPARYO!!!!???????" and then supayro kaem owt the wurmhole and he kyssed miku and dey had kawaii love and they sang a sawng togheter

miku: here they come

supairo: the happy guys

miku: here they come

spauro: the happey guys

suparo: are heer 2 FITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

den supayro and miku had a wonudrful weddying togheter it was very amazing with love and songs and lots of piggy guys spyro waz hayving a tee partee with a vakuom clenur n he sed 

  • and den he skreeemd becayuze raymen caem and inturuptd his tea partee
  • and raymen spylld da tee all ovur spyroz goriillaz albumz oh no
  1. the end